Best Walking and Hiking Tours

The Etruscan Coast territory in Tuscany has much to offer hiking enthusiasts, or those who simply love to walk, with its spectacular fine sand beaches, natural oases, bushland parks and natural uncontaminated environments.


Park of Poggio Neri – Sassetta (LI)

The Park of Poggio Neri is the ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts. The park is formed by a stretch of bushland over an area of approximately 7 hectares, dominated by chestnut trees and holm oak trees, including several trails which can be followed either on foot, mountain bike or horseback.
Along the walking trail you will also find several areas equipped for picnics, and water fountains to fill up your water bottle.
The park also offers a trail for people with disabilities, ensuring nature’s wonders are accessible to all.


Piombino Promontory – Piombino (LI)

The Piombino Promontory offers hiking enthusiasts an interesting combination of Mediterranean bushland and sea itineraries. The trail begins near Populonia with regular glimpses of the coast offering stunning views of the sea with the Island of Elba on the horizon. During the summer season it’s possible to swim in one of the numerous crystal water bays (famously known as the “Buca delle Fate”). The trail ends after approximately 8 km in the inhabited area of Piombino (Salivoli).


Archaeological and Mining Park of San Silvestro – Campiglia Marittima (LI)

The Park of San Silvestro offers a walking trail of cultural and archaeological interest, but also of natural interest.
The park’s trails lead to museums, ancient mines, medieval villages and archaeological findings, eventually taking you to the medieval village of Rocca di San Silvestro (Fortress of San Silvestro), the remains of an ancient fortress.
Entrance is by payment only and the remains can be visited only in the company of a guide.


Coastal Park of Sterpaia – Piombino (LI)

This park is formed by bushland and a coastal area with characteristic fine sand dunes, situated along the stretch of coastline between Piombino and Follonica.
Along the Park’s coastline, typical watchtowers dating back to ancient history can be found.
The Park of Sterpaia is ideal for walks or mountain bike rides, combining the pleasure of hiking through bushland with century old oak trees, with the pleasure of swimming in the crystal seas of the Gulf of Follonica, with all the typical natural features of the Maremma Livornese.
The purity of its waters and the numerous services available for swimmers have ensured this area has been awarded the “Bandiera Blu” (Blue Flag) for several years.


Natural Park of Montioni – Suvereto (LI) and other municipalities

The Park of Montioni can be found just a few minutes’ drive from Poggio all’Agnello between Massa Marittima and Suvereto.
The Park of Montioni is spread over approximately 6,000 hectares and is characterised by green hills surrounded by oak, holm oak and bitter oak bushland, as well as other Mediterranean shrubland.
Important historical testimonies also exist thanks to the ancient production of coal and the presence of mining villages.
The park offers its visitors a significant number of walking trails which can be followed on foot, by bike (mountain bike) or on horseback, as well as the possibility to admire the rich presence of wildlife including deers, roe deers, wild boars, porcupines and several bird species.
A refreshment point also exists (“La Foresta” restaurant in Montioni) inside the park.


Suvereto – Suvereto (LI)

The Suvereto countryside, occupied by farming companies and cork oak tree bushland, offers interesting walking trails combining natural and manmade environments along the famous Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast.
The Suvereto area is well known not only for its wine (Val di Cornia Doc), but also for its superb extra virgin olive oil produced in the area’s numerous oil mills.
The trail therefore offers enjoyable moments of wine, olive and food tasting, with the option of making a direct visit to cellars and oil mills. In some cases, a prior reservation may be necessary.


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