Holidays Excursion in Tuscany

Thanks to its location along the Etruscan Coast just a few kilometres from Piombino and the Island of Elba, the Poggio all’Agnello holiday resort is not only close to many attractions of historical and cultural interest in Tuscany, but it is also the ideal base from which to enjoy free time activities during your stay.

Depending on the season, various courses and activities are available at the Resort, such as food and wine tasting.

For history, archaeology and nature enthusiasts, we suggest the Parks of Val di Cornia which can be reached in just a few minutes by car:

  • Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia
  • Archaeological Museum of Populonia
  • Archaeological and Mining Park of San Silvestro
  • Coastal Park of Sterpaia
  • Costal Park of Rimigliano
  • Natural Park of Montioni
  • Forest Park of Poggio Neri
  • Villa Lanzi, Documentation Centre
  • Museum of the Castle and City of Piombino
  • La Rocca di Campiglia (Campiglia Fortress)

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The Parks of Val di Cornia are an important complex formed by two archaeological parks, four natural parks, three museums and a Documentation Centre. They are situated towards the south of the Etruscan Coast, close to our Resort and spread over five municipalities: Piombino, San Vincenzo, Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto and Sassetta. The Parks of Val di Cornia offer visitors the perfect mix of nature, art, culture and history.

For nature enthusiasts, we suggest the following locations near Poggio all’Agnello:

Holidays in Tuscany – Orti Bottagone WWF Oasis

This is a large humid area spread over approximately 100 hectares, open to both adults and children with bird watching activities and the possibility to participate in bird ringing lessons for scientific purposes. Different species of both local and migrant birds live in the Oasis, including the Marsh Harrier, the Black-winged Stilt, the Purple Heron, the White Heron, the Osprey and the Pink Flamingo.
In the Orti Bottagone Oasis you have the option of either following the “Nature Trail” or stopping to explore one of the two observatories.

Holidays in Tuscany – The Natural Park of Montioni

Near Suvereto is spread over at least 5,000 hectares of bushland and Mediterranean shrubland amongst oak, holm oak and bitter oak trees. The park includes several trails which can be followed either on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.
As well as the wildlife, composed of deers, wild boars, porcupines, roe deers and several bird species, the Park of Montioni also offers the possibility to visit the various historical testimonies of its past, including mining remains and other human settlements.

Holidays in Tuscany – Bolgheri WWF Oasis

This was the first animal refuge established by the WWF in Italy, characterised by the numerous aquatic species found in this humid area, ideal for nesting or stopovers during bird migration.
Amongst the numerous species which can be admired, those most worth mentioning include the little greme, the mallard, the purple heron, the common coot, the white herons, the black storks, the common snipes, ducks, the common wood pigeons and the typical hawk of bolgheri.
Visits to the Bolgheri Oasis take place on the characteristic moats above the swamps and in purpose built observatory huts.
Each year in June, it’s possible to participate in a “nocturnal tour”, consisting in a suggestive nocturnal visit to the Oasis, particularly enchanting thanks to the intense presence of glow worms.

For food and wine enthusiasts, there is no shortage of opportunities for wine, oil and local product tastings. The famous “Wine Road” travels along the Etruscan Coast, offering several itineraries and locations where local products can be appreciated. Ask us for more information and we will be able to indicate the best culinary itineraries on a case by case basis.

Excursions in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

Several charming excursions are also available to our guests:

Sail Boat

For those who wish to hire a sail boat in the Baratti area and Island of Elba, we suggest sail boat excursions with a maximum of 7 people and lunch on board, complete with an expert skipper.

Astronomical Observatory

For adults and children, we also suggest “Observatory Fridays”: the sky to the naked eye, the constellations of the summer sky, telescope observations of objects in the sky. On request, day visits can also be organised for observations of the Sun.

Acqua Village

For those seeking a fun day in an Aquatic Park with water slides, pools with waves and other rides, the nearby large entertainment park Acqua Village in Cecina, is the perfect solution. For more information, //

Entertainment Park

The “Cavallino Matto” (Crazy Little Horse) is located near Marina di Donoratico and is the largest entertainment park in Tuscany, perfect for the whole family.
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