Food and wine holiday in Tuscany

The Etruscan Coast is particularly specialised in wine, as demonstrated by renowned Doc wines: Bolgheri Doc, Montescudaio Doc, Val di Cornia Doc and Elba Doc.

A passion for wine is naturally combined with a passion for local products, such as extra virgin olive oil made from the abundant spread of surrounding olive trees (Moraiolo, Leccino and other native varieties), in an area which enjoys the endless benefits of the Mediterranean sea.

A variety of food and wine trails can be followed along the Etruscan Riviera, through medieval villages which are rich in history but also with local products. This cuisine can be savoured in the many Tuscan recipes combining sea dishes (“cacciucco alla livornese”, snapper, sea bass, crustaceans, black pasta) with land dishes (Chianina beef, wildfowl, with stand out wild boar dishes).


The Etruscan Coast: Tuscan cuisine and a selection of food and wine, all for trying and savouring.
Food and Wine Holiday in Tuscany!